Our position

The personnel policy of LDR Group includes ensuring a decent level of wages and social support for employees, as well as their training and assistance to their professional and career growth. By implementing these tasks, we maintain a high level of productivity and quality of work performed. This also allows us to create a foundation for the future achievements of LDR Group.
We comply with legal requirements in the field of labor relations, including in the field of observance of human rights, while building employee management processes taking into account the specifics of professional activities.

Main activities carried out on an annual basis

  • Search and selection of personnel to fill vacant positions in accordance with the needs of the LDR Group
  • Development of the corporate culture of the LDR Group
  • Training and professional development of employees
  • Ensuring timely payment of competitive monetary compensation
  • Implementation of programs of material and non-material motivation
  • Implementation of social programs and activities for employees
  • Evaluation of effectiveness and adjustment of existing HR-procedures
  • Conducting regular meetings and meetings of HR leaders
Our commitment to inclusion, equity and diversity

The LDR Group believes that equality and fairness are the basis for the success of the entire organization. No person should be discriminated against when recruiting or in the workplace.
Our dedication to our people, customers and other communities involves ensuring that equality is achieved for all. Our purpose defines our operations and ensures that we act as a responsible business leader.
Our commitment to equality of opportunity enables us to attract, develop, inspire and reward the best talent. And it creates an environment that fosters innovation, allows our employees to perform at their best, and fosters a culture in which everyone feels they have an equal opportunity to participate and build their careers.
The commitment to maintaining a healthy corporate culture starts with our CEO. We also expect leaders at all levels to help create and maintain a culture of equality in which everyone can develope and thrive.
The LDR group adheres to the position that no one can be limited in labor rights or receive any benefits depending on gender, race, skin color, nationality, language, origin, property, family, social and official status, age, place of residence, religion, beliefs, belonging or not belonging to public associations or any social groups, as well as from other circumstances not related to the business qualities of the employee.