Principles of LDR Group in the field of labor protection, industrial and fire safety
Priority of life and health of employees over performance results
Responsibility of managers for ensuring safe working conditions
Responsibility of the employees of the LDR Group and contractors for their safety and the safety of others; the right to intervene in case of non-compliance with safety requirements
Involvement of all employees in activities to reduce the number of accidents, the level of industrial injuries and occupational illnesses
Priority of preventive measures in all areas of labor protection, industrial and fire safety
Main activities carried out on an annual basis
Development and implementation of measures to prevent industrial injuries, and develop a culture of a healthy lifestyle
Assessment and analysis of the risks of situations that threaten the life and health of employees
Informing employees, conducting briefings and training
Conducting regular assessment of working conditions
Equipping workplaces in accordance with safety requirements
Ensuring fast and effective response to incidents and accidents
Inclusion of safety requirements in work contracts, as well as the establishment of penalties for their violation
Preparation of reports on the results of activities in the field of labor protection, industrial and fire safety
Continuous improvement and enhancement of the efficiency of the labor protection management system
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