Manager of the project - Nikiforova Lyubov Vladimirovna

• Location: Russia, Lipetsk
• Period of construction: 2017-2018
• Customer: "Bekaert Lipetsk" LLC
• Agreement type: Construction Agreement

The industrial construction company LDR-Stroy has concluded Construction Agreement and has already started the reconstruction of facilities at the plant of "Bekaert Lipetsk" in the special economic zone (SEZ) "Lipetsk", which included the WS750 storage repository from the ISC line, the operational warehouse Storage of storage of GWP coils, a gallery for transportation and unloading with a total area of 2 567.1 m2, as well as a warehouse of expendable materials with an area of 573.81 m2.
Bekaert is a world leader in the market of high-tech solutions in the field of coatings and metal processing, as well as a worldwide independent manufacturer of drawn metal wire. Bekart Lipetsk produces a metal cord used for reinforcing tires, and steel fiber Dramix®, used in construction. The factory in Lipetsk serves the Russian market, as well as the consumer market of the CIS countries.

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