• Arrangement: Russia, Lipetsk Region of the settlement. Lev Tolstoy
• Customer: Construction period: 2007.
• Agreement type: Construction in a row
• Investment: Charity event.
Recovery of Sacred Trinity Church in the settlement Lev Tolstoy - the charitable project in which the company "LDR-Stroy-LIPETSK" industrial construction entering into Group the LDR-Stroy company in 2007 was directly involved.

The sacred and Trotsky church school was house in case of Astapovsky railway school. It is known that by 1910 the school together with church was constructed (years of construction 1905 - 1909). And the project plan of station of Astapovo Ryazansko- Kozlovskyof of the railroad was approved in 1889.

The company "LDR-Stroy-LIPETSK" executed: complex repair and recovery, plaster paintings, and also repair of facades.


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