• Arrangement: Russia, Leningrad Region, Volosovsky district.
• Investor: Baumit Baustoffe GmbH, Austria
• Construction period: 2010-2011.
• Customer: JSC Baumit
• Contract type: Construction in a row
• Total structural volume: 2 000 m2
The Baumit brand history in Russia began in 1997 with creation of Front Technology joint venture to St. Petersburg. But since 2004 with opening of JSC Baumit the brand earned from 100% by the Austrian capital. For years of work in Russia materials of Baumit were used on known objects of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Ufa and other cities of Russia.
In 2011 the new stage of development of the company connected with opening of plant on production of dry construction mixes in the Leningrad region began.

The LDR-Stroy industrial construction company executed construction of the production case of plant in 2011.

LDR functions;
• Management of works of subcontract organizations.
• Organization of a building site
• Management of supply of construction materials and equipment
Performance of work by own forces
• All-construction works
• Objects of on-site infrastructure.
• Improvement


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