• Arrangement: Russia, Vologda region, settlement of Chagoda
• Investor: JSC ChSZ
• Construction period: 2004-2008g.
• Customer: JSC ChSZ, JSC Elekon
• Contract type: Construction in a row
• Contract type: Design
• Period:2012g.
• Customer: JSC " Chagodoshchensky glass plant and K"
The Chagodoshchensky glass plant was founded in 1931.

In the eighties the output of a glass plant made 15% of total amount of the let-out windowpane in the USSR.

In March, 1999 with assistance of investors of JSC "Chagodoshchensky glass plant and K" it is reconstructed and reorientated to production of glassware.

In the same time start-up of the first shop on production of glassware took place, and already in half a year the second shop is started. Exactly three years later, in March, 2003, construction of the third shop came to the end. Annual output reached 740 million units of glassware.

From 2004 to 2008. The LDR-Stroy industrial construction company took part in reconstruction of the main cases of plant: compound shop, ABK, Laboratory, SMR. Were executed: project, all-construction and installation works, and also delivery and installation of equipment.

In 2012 at the same plant the LDR-Stroy company carried out development of working documentation on construction of the Building of the additional line on production glass on With/in the furnace No. 1 (line 6) in axes of "1-5" m / about "I-P" in the territory.

Sections of working documentation: EP, PZ, ROM, ARE, KZh, KM, EM, EO, VK, OV, AUPS, AIS.


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