Arrangement: Russia, Lipetsk, OEZ PPT "LIPETSK"
• Investor: JSC Bekaert, Belgium
• The period stroitelstva:2009 - 2011.
• Customer: JSC Bekart Lipetsk
• Agreement type: Construction in a row
• Total structural volume: 48 500 m2
• Volume of investment: 920 million rubles.
Discovery of the second queue of Bekart plant was a significant event in the territory of OEZ "Lipetsk". The Belgian company "BEKAERT" became one of the first investors of OEZ "Lipetsk". In 2009 the first stage of production is started by capacity of 15 thousand tons per year. Completion of the second stage of construction of the entity allowed to make a latunirovanny wire on own production site, so - to perform complete engineering procedure of production of a metal cord.
The works performed by LDR-Stroy industrial civil engineering firm:
• Works of the preparatory period,
• Earthwork,
• Device of tongue-and-groove barriers and water lowering,
• Device of underground and elevated monolithic concrete constructions, including device of priyamk, bases, plates of a floor, overlappings,
• Device of combined steel concrete designs, including bases, overlappings and coverings.
• Device of various types of coverings of floors, including polymeric, facing by a tile, etc.
• Waterproofing,
• Bricklaying of walls and partitions,
• Facing of facades sandwich panels and professional leaf.
• Installation of window and door systems.
• Device of external and internal engineering networks and systems.
• Drawing a fireproof covering.
• The device of fire reservoirs with a pumping point.
• The roof device from PVC membrane.
• Internal and exterior finish of shops and rooms.
• Improvement of the territory, device of highways and platforms.

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