Plant for producing vamish-and-paint materials "PPG Industries Lipetsk""

Manager of the project - Nikiforova Lyubov Vladimirovna

  • Location: Russia, the city of Lipetsk
  • Period of construction: 2014-2015
  • Client: LLC PPG Industries Lipetsk
  • Agreement type: General contractor

The industrial construction company LDR-Stroy has concluded an agreement for capital construction of the first plant for the PPG Industries company (PPG) (USA) in Russia. PPG is a world-famous producer of paint, covering, optical devices, special materials, chemical compounds, glass and fiberglass. Having become one of the resident companies which conduct production in the Lipetsk special economic zone, PPG is planning to invest 2 billion rubles into the construction of a plant for production of liquid paint and varnish solvent-based and water-based materials for Russian and international clients of PPG operating in the automobile, industrial, packaging and shipbuilding spheres.

Aside from a production center the complex will include a new warehouse and a distribution center as well as technical laboratories and administrative offices. It is expected that the plant will employ over 150 specialists. Currently ground works are being performed on the site: preparation of pits and trenches for foundations and underground utility systems, laying of subgrade and designing of site layout.

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