Arrangement: Russia, Lipetsk OEZ PPT "LIPETSK"
Investor: JSC RUSNANO, JSC "Tervingo"
Construction period: 2011-2013.
Customer: JSC AVT
Agreement type: General in a row
Total structural volume: 57 000 m2
Volume of investment: 1,2 billion rubles.
In 2013 the LDR-Stroy Industrial construction company carried out construction of the production case (45 000 sq.m), ABK, wire plant "AVT" in the territory of OEZ PPT "Lipetsk". As investors of the project JSC RUSNANO and JSC Tervingo acted.

The JSC AVT company is created in April, 2010 for project implementation on creation of innovative production of an ultrahigh-strength steel wire (the English "Saw wire" or "Sawing wire") intended for are sharp silicon and sapphire crystals on plates using abrasive suspension.

Works performed "LDR"
By own forces: POS, earthwork, concrete works, assembly can, installation of the protecting designs, stone works, the device of roofs, installation of antiaircraft lamps, the device of industrial floors, finishing works of shops and rooms of different function, improvement of the territory.
The works performed partially (40-60%): installation of a metalwork, coloring of a metalwork, device of internal and external engineering networks, installation of equipment, commissioning.


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