• Arrangement: Russia, Lipetsk
• Investor: JSC "NLMK"
• The period stroitelstva:2008 - 2009
• Customer: "JSC NLMK"
• Contract type: Construction in a row
• Total structural volume: 18 300 m2
NLMK group - the leading international producer of high-quality steel production with the vertically integrated business model. Production of raw materials and production of steel are concentrated in low-cost regions, production of finished goods is carried out in close proximity to the main consumers in Russia, North America and ES countries.
The Lipetsk plant now became the largest domestic producer of slabs and conversion iron, and capacities of all Group give the chance to let out to 30% of flat-rolled products in the country. Reconstruction existing and building of new shops allows to develop constantly the areas of plant and to increase production of its production.

The LDR-Stroy group of companies performed works on reconstruction and construction on some sites of the New Lipetsk combine:
2008 - Reconstruction of the PDS (production of dynamo steel) shop. Object "A construction of a reversive camp" (base FOM-1 with otm-5,500 to t 0,000)
2009 - construction of DP No. 7 (the House. Shop 2)


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