• Arrangement: Russia, Lipetsk, territory of OEZ PPT "Lipetsk"
• Investor: JSC SEST-LYuVE
• Construction period: 2013-2014.
• Customer: JSC SEST-LYuVE
• Contract type: General in a row with functions of the customer builder and generating designer
• Total structural volume: 138 495 m2
The SEST group one of the leading producers of the heatexchange equipment including three enterprises: SEST LUVE Spa (Italy), founded in 1974 in. The estuary, SEST LUVE Polska (Poland), founded in 2003 to Gilwice and JSC SEST-LYuVE (Russia) founded in 2006 in OEZ PPT "Lipetsk".
The LDR-Stroy industrial construction company finished "turnkey" building of III turn of construction of plant on production of the heatexchange equipment "SEST LYuVE" in the territory of OEZ PPT "Lipetsk", since receiving TU (specifications), development of project documentation, performance of all construction and installation works before obtaining permission to input of object in operation.
Building of the III turn of plant was interfaced to some difficulties connected with the operating production of the I-st and II-nd turn of plant. Thanks to application of non-standard decisions all existing engineering communications were taken out (warmly, water, the sewerage, storm drains, power supply, low-current systems) from a construction zone, without breaking supply of all energy resources in necessary volumes for production at factory.

Building of object was realized in record-breaking short time:
• 4 months - receiving specifications, coordination, development of the project, examination passing, obtaining the construction license
• 7 months - performance of all SMR complex, receiving permission to commissioning
Functions of LDR
Services of the Customer Builder
• Obtaining all necessary legal and allowing documents from "zero" before obtaining the construction license
• Obtaining development plan for a land plot
• Receiving Specifications for connection to external networks
• Compilation of the Specification for design
• Survey of the constructions which are subject to dismantling and receiving the appropriate inference
• Attending of passing and receiving the inference about compliance (the positive inference) of the project documentation
• Compilation of diagrams of work on object and tracing of their execution
• Construction monitoring over quality of performance of work
• Monitoring over compliance of the applied constructions, products, materials and the delivered equipment to project decisions and requirements of normative documents (Construction Norms and Regulations)
• Delivery of object of State commission, receiving permission on commissioning
• Obtaining technical data sheet of object
• Complex development of design estimates.
• Coordination of architectural and planning, volume and spatial, technical solutions, fire-proof and ecological requirements in case of accomplishment of a complex of project works;
• Approval of initial and allowing documentation in state bodies and development of working documentation after passing of state examination
• earthwork
• dismantling works
• concrete works
• production and installation of a metalwork
• coloring of a metalwork
• device of industrial floors
• installation of the protecting designs
• stone works
• carrying out of the existing engineering networks
• device of roofs
• installation of antiaircraft lamps
• device of internal and external engineering networks
• finishing works of shops and rooms of different function
• improvement of the territory

Project manager Nikiforova L.V.


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