History, mission and services of Company

The LDR-Stroy group of companies was established
in 2002 in Saint-Petersburg as a construction organization providing design and supervision of industrial and civil engineering projects at all stages of the investment process in construction.

First projects

• Construction of the administrative and household case of a complex of JSC Chagodoshchensky Glass Plant and K (Vologda region) on a turnkey basis
• Construction and assembly works (municipal unitary enterprise "Pskov Thermal Networks", Pskov).
• JSC Elektrosila (JSC Power Machines concern, St. Petersburg) - JSC Kovdorsky Mining Processing Plant (Murmansk region)
• SC Armalit-1 (pipeline fittings production plant, St. Petersburg)
• Building of Administration (Belomorsk)
• JSC LUKOIL-Ukhta-Neftepererabotka (Ukhta)
• St. Petersburg KECh of LenVO
• Municipality (Polyarnye Zori, Murmansk region)
• Reconstruction of JSC Lesplitinvest plant (Priozersk).
• Production and installation of a metalwork of JSC Pokrovsk Glass Plant (Vologda region).
• Recommendations and trust of Customers allowed the enterprise to pass for short term from building of small objects to large industrial projects.

Construction of industrial facilities in Lipetsk

In 2005, with a view to attracting large-scale domestic and foreign investment, the Government of the Russian Federation made a decision to create "Special Economic Zones" in Russia, two of which are of industrial and production type.

The LDR-Stroy company, due to its accumulated experience and resources enabling resolution of practically any organizational and technological support and construction problems throughout the whole cycle of works, became one of the first builders of industrial facilities in SEZ PPT Lipetsk.

Over 8,5 months of 2006 the company completed the glass plant JSC ChSZ-Lipetsk with an area of 24 000 sq.m., including launching of the first glass bottle production line.

Under the General contractor agreement the construction of the first stage of the metal cord production factory of JSC Bekart Lipetsk (Belgium) in SEZ PPT Lipetsk was executed, later followed by the second stage completion.

The LDR-Stroy company took part in construction of such objects of SEZ PTT "LIPETSK", as JSC "RATSIONAL" (Russia), JSC "Mondial-Group" (Italy), JSC "YOKOKHAMA" R. P. Z. (Japan), JSC "AVT".

The LDR-Stroy industrial construction company became the General contractor for the construction of the heat-exchange equipment factory of JSC "SEST-Lyuve" and paint and varnish equipment plant of JSC "PPG" Industries Lipetsk on the second stage territory of SEZ PPT "Lipetsk".

Services of the Group of companies "LDR-Stroy":

Group of companies "LDR-Stroy" offers a full range of works and services in maintenance of all stages of the investment and construction project, including:

General contract

The LDR-Stroy group of companies provides services of the General contract in one of the presented schemes:
1. General contract for construction.
Construction is performed by LLC LDR-Stroy, design and functions of the Client are performed by the Client.
2. General contract for construction and design. Construction and design are performed by "LDR-Stroy", functions of the Client are performed by the Client.
3. General contract for construction and design including Developer's functions.

Engineering services in construction:

• receiving of sites for design and construction;
• research of territory development plans;
• preliminary estimate of construction cost;
• provision of designer and technical supervisions;
• research of construction industry markets;
• arrangement of tenders;
• optimization of cash flow in construction management;
• performance of facility acceptance tests;
• resolution of specific problems;
• At the request of the Client, operation of the constructed facility and supervision over the process of the above listed works, etc. can be also provided.

Assembly and construction works:

The LDR-Stroy group of companies performs construction works in accordance with the latest requirements from obtaining of permission for installation and construction works to commissioning of the facility, which concern industrial, residential, public and civil multipurpose facilities including infrastructure, namely:
• preparatory period works;
• disassembly;
• ground works and stone work;
• precast/monolithic concrete/reinforced concrete structures;
• production and installation of the metal and wooden fences;
• insulating works;
• any type of roofing;
• finishing works, including façade works;
• flooring.

Installation of internal engineering systems, equipment and devices, including

• construction of heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning, thermal, water and sewer systems, systems of power supply and electric lighting, fire extinguishing systems and smoke removal, security and fire alarm systems, systems of video surveillance and access, computer and communication systems;
• territory improvement, landscaping and asphalting;

• special works performed with the help of attracted contract organizations, including protection of structures, processing equipment and pipelines;

• installation of processing, special equipment and structures;
• commissioning work;
• pile works.

Rent of special equipment

Group of companies

The LDR group of companies offers for rent:

• front loaders
• caterpillar excavators
• truck cranes
• dump trucks

Rent of special equipment with various loading capacity and height of rise.

Group of companies LDR accepts both one-time rental orders and long-term contracts.

Advantages of the industrial construction company LDR-Stroy:

• Selection of the most suitable special equipment and spare parts.
• Prompt delivery of special equipment to the work area.
• Prompt assembly and disassembly of special equipment on the work area.
• The most attractive service charges in comparison with others on the market.
• System of bonuses for long-term use of leased equipment.
• A wide range of additional services performed by highly qualified specialists.

Mission of the company

We are result-oriented, therefore each of our Clients gains a partner that throughout the whole cooperation is:

An expert and practician in construction technologies;

A competent work process organizer leading the team to the necessary result.

An analyst in resources capable of optimizing material-related expenses and involving the most suitable materials and mechanisms.
Skillful working hands capable of realizing your idea with minimum deviations from the project.

Therefore the motto of the industrial construction company is:

"The LDR Group of companies is a reliable base and strong walls of your business."
You can find more detailed information on how we complete the tasks set by our Clients, in the description of the projects completed by LDR-Stroy.