Ecology and anti-corruption policy

Environmental policy of the LDR group of companies

Developed in accordance with the strategy of the state in the field of ecological safety and rational use of natural resources, the nature protection legislation, and the ecological doctrine of the Russian Federation with due regard for opinions of leading ecological and public organizations.

The approach to resolution of environmental problems implies personnel training, certain work on construction facilities, introduction of modern equipment and technologies, and use of environmentally friendly materials in construction.

Principles of Environmental policy the LDR group of companies

• Responsibility for ensuring of environmental protection in construction;
• Conducting construction activity on territories and water areas of high nature protection value only in exceptional cases on the basis of special decisions of public authorities;
• Reduction of construction waste and its ecologically safe handling;
• Cooperation in use of environmentally friendly and effective technologies, as well as assistance in research of influence of construction facilities on ecology and climate change;
• Application of certified environmentally friendly materials for construction;
• Openness and availability of ecological information, immediate informing of all interested parties about occurrence of accidents, their ecological consequences and measures for their elimination;
• Openness and availability of environmental monitoring results, interaction with all interested parties in the course of the research conducted within the framework of assessment of impact on environment during the design and construction of new facilities.

The purpose of the environmental policy is to increase the level of ecological safety by means of ensuring reliable and ecologically safe construction, transport, and an integrated approach to the use of environmentally friendly construction materials.

The LDR group of companies shall comply with the nature protection legislation of the Russian Federation and the requirements of other documents relating to environmental protection, to maintain fruitful cooperation with organizations, scientific and educational institutions effectively working in the field of environmental protection and ensuring of ecological safety.
Realization of the environmental policy will allow:

to reduce the negative impact on the environment;
to increase the competitiveness of the group of companies in external and internal markets;
to increase the level of social responsibility.
The comprehensive program of the LDR-Stroy group of companies on corruption counteraction, fraud and embezzlement.


Enacted by the Order of the General Director of LLC "LDR-Stroy" No. 04/2-14 in December, 2013.

• The program is the basic document of LLC LDR-Stroy defining the key principles and requirements directed at corruption prevention and compliance with the norms of applicable anti-corruption legislation by the Company, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, members of their management, employees and other persons who can act on behalf of the Company.
• The policy reflects the commitment of the Company and its management to high ethical standards and the principles of open and honest business, as well as the aspiration of the Company for improvement of corporate culture, following of the best practices of corporate management and maintenance of business reputation of the Company and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies (hereinafter - SAC) at a high level.
• The General Director of the Company is responsible for arrangement of all events directed at realization of the principles and requirements of the Policy including appointment of the persons responsible for development of anti-corruption measures, their implementation and control.
• The Document also mentions that the Company, its SAC and all Employees have to follow the norms of the laws regarding anti-corruption regulation issues whose main requirements are formulated as: prohibition of giving bribes, prohibition of accepting bribes, prohibition of bribery of foreign public servants, prohibition of connivance in bribery, etc.

Key principles of this program of corruption counteraction:
o Mission of the top management
o Periodic assessment of risks
o Adequate anti-corruption measures
o Check of contractors
o Informing and training
o Monitoring and control

The Document also includes requirements for corporate culture and interaction of the LLC with its SAC in the social and political sphere, which are covered in detail hereunder:
o Gifts and representational expenses
o Participation in charity
o Participation in political activity
o Interaction with public servants
o Interaction with employees
o Interaction with intermediaries and other persons

You can learn more detailed information on the present document, having addressed to the company LDR.