Civil engineering

Group of companies «LDR» professionally carries out building of various civil and commercial objects.

Construction of office buildings.

One of activities of our company in the sphere of civil engineering is construction of office buildings. We offer you construction business - the centers of any sizes, construction of office buildings of any number of storeys and planning, and also expansion and "building" of already existing constructions with adaptation under requirements of the Customer.

We are ready to execute the "turnkey" construction of functional and modern office building equipped with modern communications with external and internal finishing with the equipment of bathrooms and server, with installation of devices of heating of conditioning.

Reconstruction of office buildings on the basis of the already existing.

If construction new office business - the center for you the expensive and long-term project, we can offer faster and economic option for creation of new office. It is reconstruction of the building which already exists, but doesn't meet the necessary requirements yet.

Works on reconstruction include:

• Reconstruction of a facade: giving of a business, respectable and at the same time original form to your future office, using the most modern and reliable materials.
• Reconstruction of internal rooms: the most effective use of the internal areas for creation of comfortable conditions for workers and visitors.
• Arrangement of the adjacent territory: asphalting, improvement, construction of parking for employees and clients.
• Safety: equipment of video surveillance by system, arrangement of systems of the fire notification and automatic fire extinguishing, installation of autonomous system of temporary power supply, creation of several spacious emergency exits, and for a multistoried construction - the reserve elevator, besides the basic.

All works on reconstruction will be performed according to project documentation and is exact in the set terms.

Construction of the Cultural and improving centers:

The experience of construction which is available for the company differently of format objects, presence of the highly qualified specialists capable to realize non-standard tasks, and also the available technical base, allows to speak about volume, our LDR-Stroy company has all opportunities for successful implementation of such projects as the Cultural and improving centers.

Now construction of the first, and only Cultural and improving center in the settlement Matyrsky Lipetsk is conducted.

Success of development of this project is caused: absence of offers or their limitation, on a number of services which will be offered by the Cultural and improving center, in the local market of Lipetsk, and also creation of the Special economic zone, industrial and production type - "Lipetsk".

Objects of cultural appointment.

Along with construction and reconstruction of modern objects our company has an experience in the field of works on repair and restoration on objects of cultural heritage.

It is reconstruction of the temple in the settlement Lev Tolstoy of the Lipetsk region to the 100 anniversary from the date of death of the great Russian writer Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy the Main achievements of the company show a vast experience of the LDR-Stroy company in implementation of construction projects of various orientation.